Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Kick Off

Hello to all........I'm Jeremy (aka: Hambone or Hamm). I love cycling and this is my BLOG!

Well, with Cecilia (my fiancee) away in NC for work and me with plenty of time on my hands and taking in the account my love for fitness, cycling, and passion of mountain biking......I've decided to get on the BLOG bus and ride it for a while........this should be more to my liking as that I usually get on Facebook to check out friends but I wanted something more dedicated to, a BLOG gives you the option of looking at someone's status because you have to go there. Unlike other sites like the before mentioned and you have to read about someone's political, religious, personal probs, path down this road is for those that love the outdoors and will mainly focus on mountain biking with some road riding, triathlons, and training thrown in as well. DISCLAIMER!!!-----You will run accross the occasional mspd word and some crude humor as well.

I'd like to first let everyone know that for this year I will be with Bike Link Racing and I'm stoked. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys/gals to race with. Sponsors for the '09 season coming soon. I'll be cat 2 (sport) for at least the beginning of the season in XC Mountain Biking. Hopefully I can move up to cat1 (expert) towards the second half. I'll remain cat 5 for road racing (I usually just use it for cross training anyhow). And for cyclocross I'll be cat 4.

With that, my first post is over and I can't wait to share my riding and racing experiences from this year with all my friends and those bored enough to read my postings. Peace out for now.............