Monday, October 26, 2009

Been a while since my last post and race for that matter. The BNG was my last race for this year and from getting married and football season starting (still have the oustside linebacker in me) I have fallen way off the wagon in terms of staying in racing shape. Now that winter is fast approaching, I have started back riding 2-3 days a week (including night rides) and running 3 days a week as well to get ready for an awesome and jammed packed race season for 2010 with Bike Link Racing. Of course cross training with weights too.

Also, there will be trail building at Oak Mtn and Tanneyhill State parks in the upcoming months.

Until then, I'll post some good scenic pics from my future rides/trail building visits on the upcoming months and support team BLR at local cyclocross races in the area.

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